Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RTW: Title Stuff!

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This week's question is:

How do you pick your titles?

Titles are super important for me. I need to have something to call the WIP, even if it's just a temporary title. And, oddly enough, I almost never use my titles when I'm talking with other people in real life. I use them online all the time, but to my friends and family it's always "that story" or "that story that has the (plot point)."

Anyways, I thought I'd share the stories behind the titles of the WIPs I'm working on right now.

FAKE: This title came with the territory of the story. In the social networking world, specifically Nexopia or MySpace, people who take on personas and are exposed are called, well, fakes. If you find out that the hot guy you've been talking to online is actually some old man in a basement, you say "Oh, he was a fake." And since the novel is about these fakes, it was a natural title. I put it in all-caps because it's kind of accusatory. I'm mean to my characters that way. But this title has been really great. It comes into play in the plot in a bunch of different ways and thematically it's surprised me quite a bit.

AS LONG AS I'M LYING: This is a new title. Up until a few weeks ago this WIP was called How to be Ruthless, but then I realized that that title doesn't really make sense for the story. As Long As I'm Lying just kind of came to me, but it doesn't really mean anything either. I think I'll have to change it again. Which one do you guys like better, if you care to tell me?

Some titles give me no trouble and come right away. If a title doesn't fit, though, like As Long As I'm Lying, chances are finding a new title will be VERY difficult. I hate those finicky titles, though. /Sigh.


  1. I lovelovelove the title FAKE. it matches so well with the novel! seriously.

  2. Hi Becca! Fellow YA Crusader stopping by! I agree with Aleeza...I love FAKE. The single word is powerful. AS LONG AS I'M LYING gives the narrator (or whoever is speaking the title) a negative feeling to me because he/she is telling us from the that that he/she lies. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  3. LOVE the title Fake. I'm a huge fan of one-word titles and that one totally makes me want to know more about your story. Great pick with that!

  4. Single word titles rock! And there's definitely something intriguing and poetic about As Long As I'm Lying. I like it :-)

  5. I love your titles! I always have such a hard time with mine, and I almost always wait until I'm finished working on something to choose them.

  6. Your titles are both great, and so different from one another!

    I actually prefer As Long as I'm Lying. :)

  7. It seems like every good title lately is practically one word and as far as that goes FAKE is a good one. I love As Long As I'm Lying. It already draws me in because it sounds original. Love your blog btw, it's a regular read of mine. (& the music choices ain't half bad :))

  8. Congratulations on making such great headway on your WIP. Just stopped by to say hello from the crusades.

  9. I prefer As Long As I'm Lying too. :)