Sunday, February 19, 2012

You should write a scene to this song. Yes, you.

I don't know how popular they are in the States or abroad, but Marianas Trench is a big deal here. Probably because they're from here. They're definitely one of the most successful Vancouver bands, after Hedley. Anyway, I loved their first album when it came out about five years ago, but kind of lost touch with their music.

This new album, though? Holy crap. Talk about ambitious. This song is the best. It's been on repeat in my headphones for days. One of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. It's definitely going to be influencing my writing in a big way very soon.

Happy listening! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Valentine's Edition

I'm not the kind of person who celebrates Valentine's Day. Mostly because I've never had a real relationship, but also because of the dang commercialization of the thing. But even if I'm not a true believer in the holiday, doesn't mean I can't write a good love scene!

So here's a scene from my current, untitled WIP. Two boys and a dormitory bathroom. This is where everything seemed impossible but the first kiss opened up a world of possibilities. Hope you like it!



His voice is close. Not in his room, not in this room, but in between.


I twist the doorknob. The bathroom light falls across Malcolm’s face. He leans against the doorjamb, looking at me with doleful eyes. I open my mouth to ask what’s up, but nothing comes out.

His eyes flicker towards the floor, then back to my face, then his eyelashes flutter shut.

“I -- I...”

All of a sudden I know what he wants. I think I know. Recklessly, I lean forward and press my lips against his.

There’s a single, suspended second of nothingness. Just our mouths colliding, just Malcolm’s impossible stillness. He’s not kissing me back, oh my God, I’ve done the wrong thing.

He staggers forward, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. He moans deep in his throat. I open my mouth, more out of shock than anything else, and he falls forward into the space it opens up.

I pull back. Malcolm opens his eyes wide.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers. He drops his arms from around me.

“W-why are you sorry?”

He scrutinizes my face, breathing hard.

“Is this a dream?” he asks.


“Are you sure?”


He reaches out, hand shaking, and runs his fingers down my chest. I don’t know what to do so I wrap my arms around his waist like he did to me. Our bodies line up from hip to chest.

“Then don’t stop.”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Met John Green

Two nights ago now, I went to the Vancouver stop on the Tour de Nerdfighting! If you are even a little bit of a nerdfighter, you know how funny and intelligent and genuine John and Hank Green are -- and that's exactly how this event was.

And if you've read The Fault in Our Stars and liked it as much as I did, you could probably guess how bittersweet and philosophical and deep John is -- and the night was that, too.

And I have pictures!

First, while waiting outside in the pouring, Vancouver rain, my sister and I spotted the van outside! Couldn't resist taking a picture in front of it.

It's hard to see in crappy iPhone quality, but those little marks on cartoon John and Hank's faces? Lipstick! :P Not mine, although I should have thought to bring something other than invisible chapstick.

Unlike most concerts/shows/readings, at this one, photos and video-recording was highly encouraged! Unfortunately I don't own a video camera or even a regular camera, and my sister's iPhone is the only smartphone in the family, so memory-capturing was limited. All I have to share is this picture:

And yes, a puppet show really was performed. And so was a cover of The Proclaimers's "500 Miles." It was awesome.

At the end of the show, John signs books. Yes, again. My copy of TFIOS was already signed, but I could not pass up the opportunity to meet my heroes and get John to actually write my name in my copy. Since the event was sold out, with upwards of 400 people crammed into the tiny theatre, and the line for the signing wound from the stage, up the aisles, out into the lobby, and looped back around into the theatre again, and then into spirals, I thought it would take hours. But I was standing in line barely twenty minutes. John and Hank stressed over and over that meeting each person would be very brief -- pretty much "hi," sign, goodbye -- in consideration for everyone at the end of the line, and these guys really pulled it together and made the wait very bearable.

And when I finally got there? Man, my heart was pounding. John has social anxiety, and he even wrote in the show programme that he gets very nervous and never knows what to say to each person, and that made me feel a lot better. So when I got up to the stage, opened my book and he read the post-it note with my name on it, I somehow knew just what to say.

"You're Becca?" he said.


"Thanks for coming tonight!" he said.

"No problem!"

John smiled and leaned in to write my name and sign a J-scribble. Then my mouth opened.

"Um, my mom is here tonight, and her very favourite band is the Proclaimers, so she was really stoked you guys did that song!"

John looked up, looked me completely straight in the eye, and said, "Oh, no way! That's awesome. Say hi to her for me!"

So I said "No problem!" and he said "Bye! Thanks for making it out!"

And then I moved on and met Hank and he was also completely friendly and overpronounced the hard c sound in my name. And then he said goodnight and I said "Hope to see you again someday!" and he said "Until we meet again!"

And that was it. I hopped off the stage, found my mom and sister, and went home all glowing and happy.

Because you know what? I've met famous people before. I've met guys from bands and news reporters and one (very small-time) Disney Channel actor. And none of them have ever looked me in the eye the way the Vlogbrothers did. I've never come across two people who are more in-tune with their fans, who know how to make each and every person feel appreciated.

It was already true, but that night really cemented my eternal admiration for those guys. I'll always cherish the memories, and I'll be proud to show off this:

And say this: