Sunday, February 19, 2012

You should write a scene to this song. Yes, you.

I don't know how popular they are in the States or abroad, but Marianas Trench is a big deal here. Probably because they're from here. They're definitely one of the most successful Vancouver bands, after Hedley. Anyway, I loved their first album when it came out about five years ago, but kind of lost touch with their music.

This new album, though? Holy crap. Talk about ambitious. This song is the best. It's been on repeat in my headphones for days. One of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. It's definitely going to be influencing my writing in a big way very soon.

Happy listening! :)


  1. oh my god. this...this song is beautiful. :| i've been on this huge lookout for awesome music lately, and this deff helps :D

    1. Yay! :) His voice is so powerful, I looove it.

  2. This and Good to You are my favourites. All to Myself and Celebrity Status are fun, too. I wish they played Fallout more often on the radio, because Hedley's One Life (which I also like) is on all the time. Go, Vancouver!