Friday, February 11, 2011

Follow Friday (5) - Romance Hero Types

Hello! It's time for another Follow Friday, which is hosted by Parajunkee's View!

This week's question is:

What is your favourite romance hero-type? Stereotype wise. Do you like strong silent type or brute macho man?

Well, I guess out of those two I'd choose the strong silent type, but I really like the sensitive, tall, skinny, emo type. An example would be Michael from Courtney Summers' Some Girls Are - loved him. And Etienne, from Anna and the French Kiss. Wow, I'm sounding like a broken record on that one. But really. I like funny heros, heros with talents (piano, languages, writing, etc.). But I'm not too fond of the manly-man type. How about you guys?


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  3. I'm with you! I don't really like the manly man type either...I'd much rather take the sweet, sensitive kind. :)

    -Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

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