Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revision News

To all my new followers:

HELLO!!! I'm so glad to meet you and to share a little piece of the interwebz with you.

Anyway, here's some exciting news:

I'm almost-kind-of-sort-of-getting-close-to finishing my revision!

The reason I say almost-kind-of-sort-of-getting-close-to is because, well, it's fun, but also because I'm not entirely sure it's real. It feels like I've run an enormous marathon and I only have a few yards left but I'm scared I'm dreaming and that I actually still have a couple hundred yards to go. So I won't say I'm almost done yet, it still feels too precarious. But I do only have 1 major thing left on my editing hit list, so I can promise you that I will be done next week because it is Spring Break and I have the week off to work on it!

So, once the revision is done, it gets sent back to the agent who requested the R&R. Then I wait.
Gah! I'm so nervous/scared/excited!

I'm also a little out of it since I have to wake up at 5am on Thursdays to get to school, and since I spent all of yesterday doing projects and putting together portfolios for school that I left till the last minute. I'm trying not to be such a procrastinator but unfortunately it's in my blood.



  1. hey, fellow crusader! Good luck on those revisions! Nice to meet you!

  2. Keep going with the revisions--that's when our work really shines!

    Love the blog title, too funny.

    Popped by to say hello to a fellow crusader even though I'm technically not in your group. Hope that's okay.

  3. Hi Angela, that's just fine :P

    And hello to Pk, too! Jeez I'm having trouble keeping up with all the new followers!

  4. Hello fellow crusader. :)
    CONGRATS on your almost-finished revisions!


  5. ooohhh now doesn't THAT sound exciting.

    keep going :-) make it

    well done!

  6. How exciting for you!! I can't wait to hear how things go, and I hope you find yourself in the hands of a good publisher, with a great deal negotiated by your agent! EEE!!

    I will keep checking back. One step at a time right?

  7. Hello, fellow Crusader! Nice to meet you.


  8. WHoot! Congrats on almost being done! I'm barely on chapter 13 of a 50 chapter novel in my revisions. Ugh. But I get closer with every sentence!

    It's nice to meet a fellow crusader! Have a great weekend.

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥