Friday, June 4, 2010


Okay, yeah, I took a break... actually I kinda forgot about the blog. I've been reading tons of other peoples' blogs and neglecting my own. But that's okay, because I have now made a pledge to do more with this.

So my new WIP is called FAKE. I forget if I mentioned that in my last post. I hit 20,000 words on it today and it's going incredibly well.

Does anyone want to hear what it's about? Anyone? ANYONE?


It's about a seventeen-year-old girl, Jen, who is the sixth of fifteen children. She's caught between wanting to be invisible and wanting to stand out, so she makes an account on a social networking site. She starts posting fake pictures and fake information as Elliot, a gay fashionista with tons of drama - Jen's drama, just twisted and flipped around. Jen is having so much fun with it, but when "Elliot" meets Orlando online, everything gets serious. Orlando is falling in love with Elliot, but Jen knows that she can't string him along forever. Or can she? The pressures of living in her uber-religious family are mounting, and Jen's mind and soul are becoming more and more divided: there's the Jen side, and the Elliot side. Which one is the truer side? Which one will she ultimately choose to become?

So that was a muddled description. I'll probably save it and play with it for when it's query letter writing time! :)

Speaking of queries, I wrote a good one for Ambulance, too. Maybe I'll share it tomorrow.

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