Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts on Will Grayson, Will Grayson


Pretty much my thoughts on learning about this book. I've been a David Levithan fan since my 14-year-old self discovered the amazingness that is Boy Meets Boy. All his other stuff is great, as well. I had never read anything by John Green before but heard he was incredible (however, since Will Grayson, Will Grayson I've read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, so it's safe to say I'm a huge fan now.)

I love this book. I've read it twice since I got it, and often think about it and pick it up again off my shelf just to hold it and stroke it and remember it...

/end crazy

So anyways, this book is about two teenagers who share the same name but have never met. Then their lives intertwine and all hell breaks loose, basically.

Like David Levithan's other collaboration novels (with Rachel Cohn), one author writes one character, the other writes another. This is enormously effective - each character has an insanely different voice and there is no mixing-up of characters even though they have the same name. Sometimes when single authors write two POVs, it can get muddled up and difficult to figure out who's who. This never happens in WG, WG. Each Will is wildly unique.

My favourite Will Grayson was David Levithan's, who is severely depressed and cynical and basically everything I like characters to be. His chapters were written in all-lower case, and he came off very sedate and sardonic, yet filled with intense loneliness and a desire to be loved and he just broke my heart.

The romance in this book is fucking top-notch. Seriously. Paranormal romances need to take a leaf out of John Green & David Levithan's book (literally), because the romance between DL's Will and Tiny Cooper was amazing. Crazy sexual energy, the chemistry was great, and when they kiss it raises goosebumps all over your body.

Now, as much as I loved this book, one aspect made me so incredibly sad and sent me into a spiral of denial (it didn't really happen, it didn't, it couldn't have!!!), so on my second reading I stopped in the middle so I could pretend it didn't happen.


But, final word... read this. Read it if you love John Green, because JG's Will Grayson is a perfect addition to his canon of awesome characters. Read it if you love David Levithan, because it is another shining example of his incredible understand of the teenage mind. Read it if you love romances.

Oh, and read it if you love kooky, crazy musicals. Because there's a good one in here that I wish I could see in real life.

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