Saturday, July 31, 2010

Songs on Saturday (2)

On Saturdays I bring you a song I've been writing to and/or listening to obsessively. This week our song is...

Something Corporate is my favourite band of all time. Well, them and The Beatles, of course... but that's beside the point. Anyway, Something Corporate. If I had to choose only one band to listen to the rest of my life, it would be them. Southern California piano pop-punk perfection. "Walking By" is one of their very early songs, pretty obscure. I didn't even know about it until this year and I've been a fan for five years. It's a ballad, about... well, I'm not even exactly sure what it's about. But it's beautiful.

This song, and a bunch of other Something Corporate songs, is basically inspiring this new project I'm about to start. This book is pretty much going to be a Something Corporate tribute novel. I hope you like the song :)


  1. wow! thanks for introducing them to me!

  2. Yay! You're welcome. They are for-sure my favourite band ever.