Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome back, Sanity. I missed you.

Last night I finished the last of my term papers. Yay! Now I just have some homework, a quiz and a final portfolio to do before my two exams and then term is over. Wow, it feels like term just freaking started. Not complaining, though.

So hopefully I will have a lot more time for reading in the coming weeks, and returning to my revision of FAKE.

In other news, I was a few thousand words behind in NaNo, but last night I managed to catch up! I hit the 35,000 word mark around midnight. I love hitting 35k - it's almost as satisfying as 50k. The end is in sight! Except not really, because I still have no idea how the story's going to end.

I'm sure it'll all turn out all right. Anyway, soon the pressure of school will let out and I'll be blogging more. I'm really looking forward to diving into my big TBR pile and posting some reviews :)

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