Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RTW: Music Stuff!

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies over at YA Highway. Today's question is:

If your WIP or favourite book were music, which song(s) would it be?

Aww, hell yeah.

Ask almost anyone, music and writing are very much connected. While I can't always write to music, sometimes it distracts me, there are always certain songs I listen to on repeat while I'm not writing to keep myself in the mindset of the story.

For my current WIP (which refuses every title I give it!), I'm drawing heavy inspiration from one band in particular: Something Corporate, my favourite band ever. I've talked about them on the blog before so I won't bore you with the details of my adoration, but there are a few songs in particular that encapsulate my WIP.

"Miss America"

"Miss America" really captures the sadness my MC, Hunter, feels after he is separated from someone he loves very much (vague, non-spoilery explanations FTW). Something Corporate has a lot of songs about separation, and this one is the one I've been writing to lately.


The other song I've had on repeat lately is "Airports," also by Something Corporate. This was from when they had just formed, the lead singer was 16, so it's pretty rough. It's a pretty rare recording -- the YouTube one isn't the one I'm used to hearing, I have an acoustic on my laptop I like better, but it's still good. Anyway. There's an airport scene in my WIP, one I've always wanted to write. Airports are some of my favourite places in the world.

Basically any song by Something Corporate has contributed something to this WIP. I wish I could post every one of their songs, but... let's face it, you wouldn't listen :P


  1. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Something Corporate! Great choices for your WIP! It sounds great!

  2. Oh, dear – it's like going straight back to high school! And not in a bad way :-)

  3. I love Something Corporate <3 Definitely HS days! haha

    Augustana just put out a new record, have you listened to it? It's so good!