Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thoughts on Bloodthirsty

My New Years' Resolution, to read at least one book per week, has been successful so far. The second book I read this year was Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney.

The premise of this one had me from the start: boy pretends to be a vampire to get girls. I knew I had to read it as soon as I heard what it was about. Flynn Meaney hit premise gold with this one! What with the vampire mania, it's so timely it's crazy.

With that said, sometimes the publication of books gets rushed because of a timely premise. While Bloodthirsty was a crazy-fun read and I literally laughed out loud at a lot of parts, there were a few areas I felt could have been improved upon.

Sometimes the dialogue could be a bit stilted. A few odd lines were just weirdly written and it pulled me out of the book to be like "...what?" But the main thing about Bloodthirsty that was a little bit off was the fact that everybody just bought the fact that Finbar was a vampire.

It drove me a little crazy. I mean, it's very believable for a nerdy, skinny, allergic-to-the-sun kind of kid to pretend to be mysterious and intriguing at his new school to get lucky, but is it really plausible that the vampire novel-crazy girls would wholeheartedly believe that he was a vampire? Sure, I've met mysterious guys and kind of thought to myself "OMG what if he's a vampire/werewolf/badass faerie?" But it was always a joke, I never actually believed that said guy was a supernatural creature. Apparently all the girls in Bloodthirsty are dumb as stumps, though, because they totally buy it and act like idiots about it.

Is it a great work of literature? No, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to read, I did really enjoy it. If you can get past some of the silliness, it's pretty good, and the ending revelation is surprisingly insightful.

I give Bloodthirsty a 3.5/5.

May I also just take a moment to thank Poppy, a YA imprint of Little, Brown, for bringing us such awesome books these days? The DUFF, Bloodthirsty, Jane... the list goes on.


  1. Nice! I really do want to read this one. It sounds like fun.

    Oh, and that's great about The Vast Fields of Ordinary being at your library. I bought that one awhile ago...need to read it though as it sounds great.


  2. It is really fun. Just a bit silly, though ;)

    I really, really can't wait for The Vast Fields of Ordinary. I read the first chapter standing in the shelves at the library, and I was heartbroken that I'd forgotten my card!