Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RTW: Favourite Lines

I've never participated in Road Trip Wednesday before, but as I'm a big fan of YA Highway and snowed in (over a foot, couldn't commute to school today), I thought I would since this topic is a fun one.

What is your favourite line from your WIP (or a book you read recently)?

Yay! I love beautiful lines from books. I picked one from each of my manuscripts and one from a book I didn't write (but wish I had!)

From FAKE:

"He says my name like it rhymes with 'Lucifer.'"

From the newly retitled AS LONG AS I'M LYING:

"The notes all roll together, making more sound than I knew two human hands could create."

From the amazing THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak, which is almost entirely composed of gorgeous sentences:

"She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it."

Jeez, it's hard to pick just one line out of that book. I just picked a pretty one that jumped out at me as I flipped pages. Then I teared up, remembering it. Sigh...

In other news, FAKE has been sent out to the beta readers. I can't make any more changes until I hear back from them, so I'm forced to work on AS LONG AS I'M LYING again. Hooray for exciting first drafts!


  1. That's a pretty header. :)

    I really like the line from Fake, your character's voice sounds awesome. And yay for first drafts, good luck.

  2. Beautiful lines!
    And I hope you do more RTWs in the future :)

  3. Really like the one from As Long As I'm Lying (and like that title!). Very interesting. I like your new blog look!

  4. great lines, loved them all. and The Book Thief is just full of amazing quotes :)

  5. Great lines! The first one is so interesting, and the second one is beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed your snow day! :)

  6. I did! It was pretty awesome. Besides missing the first day of two of my classes.

  7. I love that Lucifer one. So vivid when you read it in context. :)