Saturday, December 18, 2010

Revision Blues


If you're a new follower, you may not know the whole epic saga... basically, I had a phone call with an amazing literary agent and she loved my manuscript, but thought it needed more developing. She gave me lots to think about, and since every one of her editorial ideas was spot-on, I really want to please her. Of course, the improvements are what's best for the novel, too. I've been working on it for the past three months and today I'm hitting a rough spot.

Oh no, what if I don't weave in this teensy bit of information here? Does that through this other scene off-balance, into unbelievability territory? Does this POV character sound different enough from the other one? Will the whole thing suck if I don't find a place to develop this aspect of the character? *insert hair pulling and tears here*

I might just be nit-picking. The revisions I've done really are awesome, and all this stressing is just over throwing the manuscript into "phenomenal" territory. I really want her to read it again and think, "Whoa, this author hit it out of the park!"

Any tips? Anyone want to be a cheerleader?

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  1. Go you! You can do it! You're a freaking writer! (That was me being a cheerleader). Hahah

    Man, I think I would be driving myself crazy in that situation, too. Each little detail, making or breaking it. Gah.

    I haven't been in your shoes, but here's what might help?
    Take a deep breath. Remember this is YOUR story. You created it, and you know what's best for it (even with some suggestions). And lastly, you're a freaking writer, so you'll always rock :)