Thursday, January 30, 2014

My reaction to the TFIOS trailer

So yesterday, the internet was gifted with the early release of the first trailer for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, the movie. "Yay!" cried most of the world. "*sob*" was heard soon after.

I had a few thoughts pertaining to the trailer, and since I'm incapable of putting words into cohesive paragraphs right now, here they are in list form:

--Shailene Woodley seems utterly fabulous. I haven't seen any of her previous films or television work, but she seems like the absolute perfect YA heroine for the screen. She looks real. Nothing plastic or perfect about her. I'm excited about the movie just for this reason.

--Ansel Elgort, whose work I know even less about, seems equally adorable. I think my high school self definitely would've had a crush on a boy who looked like that saying things like "I'm in love with you." Oh yeah, I could've gotten behind that.

--That said... some of his dialogue in the trailer comes off a bit stiff. I find myself mentally revising some of his lines and wishing he'd said them a little differently. There's a lot of John Green in his dialogue, it would seem. Which is fine and accurate from an adaptation standpoint, since Augustus is hyper-intelligent and just a wee bit pretentious, very much like John Green, but... I don't know, sometimes I think there's such a thing as "too John Green" :P

--Hazel's parents are going to break my heart on the screen just like they did on the page. Their faces in the trailer, in the hospital... oh God, I can already feel the tears pouring down my face.

--Mike Birbiglia as the support group leader, Patrick = hilarious. I love Mike's standup, and hearing his simpering voice as Patrick is just pure perfection.

Anyways, based on the trailer, I'm anticipating a pretty fantastic movie! It's about time a John Green book made it to screen, and I think this is a good one to start with. I hope it does well at the box office and proves to the world that YA can do this whole blockbuster thing.

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