Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Remember my Wanderlove review where I talked about how much I yearned to travel again?

Well. Guess what I booked?

A ten-day trip to London with my Mommy for September!

:D :D :D

A big part of the reason I'm going is to research some of my work (A BRAVER THING, which I'm currently querying, and my new untitled WIP, which includes some England settings as well), and also just to satisfy my travel itch and hey, London is a cool place. Mom (a very nervous traveller) feels better about going there than going to France, where we originally wanted to go, because at least then she can speak the language.

ANYWAY! I'm just so excited. You can count on a big post all about it (with many pictures!) in approximately three months ;)

Now I'm off to go listen to "London Calling" on repeat...

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