Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Novel is Lonely

I haven't written a word of fiction in two weeks now. I put myself on a one-month hiatus to get refreshed, to read a lot, and to chillax a little bit.

But guys... one month is a long time.

I have to admit: I checked up on my novel.

It misses me.

I opened the document to ask how it was doing, and the characters gave me puppy-dog, please-come-play-with-us eyes. There were bloaty extra words in there that need cutting down. There is an entire plot that needs changing and delicious new scenes to write.

I don't know if I can last the whole month. But I want to last the whole month. So I'll bury my head in my TBR pile and tell my character to shhhh, I'll get to them later.



  1. You are a strong woman! When mine make those puppy dog eyes, I just melt. I even promised my husband that, no, I would NOT write on our sun/fun/beach vacation. But I can't lie here; I did sneak away while everyone was napping by the pool...just for one scene! Just one! I'm not addicted!! (You stay the course! You can do it!)

  2. Hehehe. I adore this post. Whenever I leave my characters to their own devices for a few days, they get very annoyed at me. Poor things, they've been 18 for ten years now (the length of time I've been imagining, plotting, writing and re-writing my novel!!).

  3. I totally understand. I'm doing a two week break between edits and I'm DYING to put some words on paper.

  4. Hang on in there. You can make it! Just steel yourself against those puppy dog eyes and keep up with the reading. I wish I could take my own advice sometimes...

  5. Stay strong. You can do it, and the characters and story will be better for it, I say :)

  6. It is so hard not to look at a novel that you want to work on...I hear you! The time will be here before you know it, and the two of you can be reunited! :)

  7. Ha. lol. I totally get what you are talking about. In between working on my seven (yes, I know I am totally nuts) blogs, I have put both of my novels kind of on the back burner. After obsessing about the new looks and getting them just right, I think I can maybe get myself into a routine and start posting some actual fun and useful stuff. (Like Evanescence) Thanks for stopping by Dana's YA Bookpile today. If you get a chance, pop over to the zombie blog for a Halloween party on the 22nd of October.


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