Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo Day One Recap

Yesterday was Day One of Camp NaNoWriMo, the month where I go crazy and write a lot.

I wrote...


6,084 words.

Oh. My. Gawd.

I don't think I've ever written so much in a single day. I'm extremely impressed with myself, and I plan to get to 10k by tonight. Think I can do it?

Because I'm feeling so jubilant... want a teaser?

I can't share too much, because sharing works-in-progress tends to mess me up, but here's the first line of THE BRIGHT FOREVER, my NaNo novel:

"I can't believe the sun really exists."

I think this book might be a weird one, guys XD

If you're participating in Camp NaNo, how are you doing so far? Even if you aren't a camper... how are you, in general?


  1. Totally got a rough for my dystopian YA done for NaNoWriMo in November, but didn't even realize there was a CAMP going on now! Must write more! (PS I read your comment at Vickie Motter's blog and *Emily of New Moon* changed my freaking world!! How much did you love when she forbids her aunt from cutting her hair? I love that girl. Have you seen the Canadian mini-series about Emily? My Netflix keeps telling me to watch it, but I'm scared to ruin it forever!) Excellent word count...keep it up!

  2. Impressive! And I love the line!

  3. Thanks, KT!

    Elizabeth: oh em gee, another Emily lover! Yay! I find she's often really overshadowed by Anne of Green Gables. I just love Emily :) she's a big reason why I started writing! I've seen bits and pieces of the mini-series and it's pretty good, but I don't really want to watch all of it because I don't want my visions of the characters to change!

  4. Good for you!!! That's quite the start on Day 1! And I love that teaser line. I can picture it as a tagline on a published novel someday!

    I'm not doing Camp NaNo because life is too crazy at the moment, but I can't wait for November!!!

    Keep up the good work. At this rate, you'll be at 50K in no time!

    Erin @ YA Writer

  5. Holy cows! Did you skip eating and showering, and breathing? And a more important question: are your fingers still attached?

  6. AHH! Crazy girl. *sends you some energy drinks and good luck* and love the teaser!

  7. Whoa, congrats! I'm doing Camp NaNo too. But ummm... I'm sooo behind that my total word count at the moment is less than your day 1 word count. XD Yup, lots of catching up to do, and even then I probably won't win, but I still think it's a great experience. Happy writing!