Friday, May 13, 2011

What a Day!

Friday the 13th was not kind to me.

First off, Blogger was doing stupid things all day. There was the Blogger Apocalypse yesterday, and today the Google Reader kept re-posting blog entries that had been posted days ago. I'd get all excited to see a certain blogger had written a new post, then I'd realize that it was the same one from last week. I was about ready to punch something.

But my bad luck carried over from yesterday. I had a surgery on my left big toe (I have chronic ingrown toenails, I periodically have to have nails removed and parts of my nail bed scraped away... eugh!), and my pain meds just decided to stop working. I was up all night long, sleeping in short two-minute bursts before being awoken again by the pain. It only hurt when I was lying down, somehow, so I spend most of the night pacing around my house since it barely hurt at all when I was standing. No painkillers worked, and I took a lot of them. Probably too many.

I was able to take a short nap a bit later, but I'm basically running on no sleep and my body won't let the painkillers work. In short, this has been the worst day ever.

But... I managed to do some writing! :D Am I a complete freak for enjoying these horribly painful sick days because I can distract myself by torturing some characters, instead?

I hope your Friday the 13th was a heck of a lot better than mine!


  1. Oh, wow that sucks. I hope your toe feels better soon. At least you got some writing done! If you suffer, so must your characters :).

  2. Aww... Hope you feel better soon! And yeah, the Blogger Apocalypse was pretty cruddy. Hope things are stable now.

  3. I am here purely because you commented on my blog and I wanted to stop by and tell you how freaking adorable you are.

    I hope today is better.

  4. Ouch! That sounds painful. Hope it's better now!

  5. so im not really supposed to be commenting around the blogosphere, but awww, i hope it feels better. i is not a fan of pain. in fact, im a TOTAL wimp. the other day (actually, it was 8 months ago :|) my tooth was KILLIN MEH. and i couldnt sleep either, so i know how it feels. :(

    get well soon!

    also, HANNAH MOSKOWITZ COMMENTED ON YOUR BLOG! so jealous. kinda. :D

  6. :D Hannah! That totally makes my... whole week! <3

    And Aleeza, aww :( pain is not fun at all. On the plus side, though, it does fuel writing! You have experience to draw from when you're torturing your characters!