Saturday, March 5, 2011

Songs on Saturday! (8)

Hey guys! On certain Saturdays I like to share a song that's been influencing my writing lately. This week's song is...

Don't judge me, I know it's ancient. Don't judge the song by the music video, either, or the dorky boy band singing it.

This week I've been writing a road trip. It's insanely fun. My two characters are escaping -- not to California, to the Okanagan region of BC, but still -- and this song is perfect. The carefree but somewhat desperate lyrics, the lazy but introspective melody... perfectly expresses the state of mind these two characters are in.

I've especially had fun writing this part of the novel because they're road trip route is the same one I take almost every summer. I have some crazy stories and favourite places along the way and it's really fun to work that in.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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  2. hey, nobody's judging! that's a good song! =]